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My first squadron was 266 (Rhodesia) Squadron at R.A.F. Wunstorf in Germany. Almost as soon as I arrived, we were ordered to re-equip with the D.H. Venom FB1 and to make preparations to take twelve of them from Wunstorf to Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia to take part in the Cecil Rhodes Centenary celebrations.
One of the numerous tasks now facing Squadron Leader Colin Coulthard was to train a Formation Aerobatics Team to take part in various Air displays. He had already selected numbers two and three and would of course be leading the team himself. He wanted someone to fly the number four position and I volunteered. Here is a shot of us training over Wunstorf, prior to our departure for the Southern Hemisphere. I'm flying in the number 4 position in the "Box", just out of the leader's jet wash.